the other you - interactive erotic ebook

Content is the king and it is so sexy

The Other You is the new erotic e-book by the bestselling writer Aveleen Avide.

5 stories and 10 characters through which to explore the many facets of the female psyche. Each leading character follows a path of amorous adventures and flirtation. It is possible to increase the erotic intensity of each story simply with a flip, which enables the user to pass from a soft narration to a bolder one.

The same flip is a digital expression of the Valisere lingerie's main characteristic: a modular underwear that can have everyday elegance, as well as something more, thanks to a simple flip.

Several elements make this App a milestone in its gender, especially at social sharing and consumer engagement level. It was for the first time for an erotic novel to be completed by readers' tweet: the Endless story chapter, engaged users tweet after tweet with advices  and guidance made by the author.

On top, the book was one of the first Apps in Europe integrating a Spotify playlist, created as a Radio and based on the tunes of the Valisere dedicated mood theme.



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