Since 2013, MOSES brings together the best talents to develop tailor-made brand communication projects.

We are specialised in brand positioning, brand strategy, logo design, web design, digital campaigns, social media management, e-commerce, app development and brand activation.

Les nouveaux modèles des agences de communication
— Les agences One projet/One team évoluent car elles peuvent aussi être constituées par des salariés de l’entreprise, des freelances ou des consultants recrutés par le service communication de l’annonceur.
The agency of the future is not an agency
— No structure, even an artificial one, enjoys the process of entropy. It is the ultimate fate of everything, and everything resists it.” ― Philip K. Dick
2017: the year of the DCN agency
— Agencies that draw on their own curated distributed creative network can help clients deal with whatever the world throws at them ― Chris Jefford.
The Hollywood model
— Hollywood provides some reference. Specifically, Ocean’s Eleven and the approach George Clooney takes when he lands a backer for the ultimate casino heist. His solution calls for a crack team of specialists ― Matt Kendall

We collaborate with

  Angela Antonescu     Digital Marketing Manager

Angela Antonescu 

Digital Marketing Manager

  emiliano trapan  i   art director

emiliano trapani

art director

  gabriele marro     mobile app developer

gabriele marro

mobile app developer

  vito frangione    Cinematographer

vito frangione


     mauro calieri    motion graphic


mauro calieri

motion graphic

  Christian Sallustro      UX designer

Christian Sallustro  

UX designer

     Massimo Marchetti     client service


Massimo Marchetti 

client service